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The Ladybugs' Recipes

Cherry Mash Candy
From:  Susie
2 boxes
1 box
1 stick
1 lg jar
1 can
2 lg pkgs
3 oz
1 lb
Cherry Frosting Mix
confectioners sugar
oleo, melted
maraschino cherries well drained & chopped
Eagle Brand condensed milk
milk chocolate chips
(1 bar) paraffin
salted peanuts chopped

1.  Mix first five ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2.  Roll dough into large marble sized balls.
3.  If dough is too soft, add more powdered sugar.
4.  Chill balls.
5.  Melt milk chocolate chips.
6.  Add the of paraffin.
7.  Heat until the paraffin is melted.
8.  Add the chopped salted peanuts to chocolate mix.
9.  Leave chocolate mixture on warm stove.
10.  Dip balls into chocolate with toothpick.
11.  Set dipped balls on a cookie sheet.
12.  Chill.

Makes 200 balls.

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