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The Ladybugs' Recipes

Mile High Strawberry Pie
From:  Francine

10 oz
3/4 c
1 T
1/8 tsp
1/2 c
1 c

Pie crust (graham cracker, Oreo cookie, or chocolate crisp)
frozen strawberries
lemon juice
egg whites (from large or extra large eggs)
salt (Do not omit the salt. It enhances the sweetness of the berries)
heavy cream (whipped with 1 tsp. vanilla extract)
Whipped cream

1.  Using a heavy duty mixer, blend the ingredients (except the whipped cream)  for 2-3 minutes in a VERY LARGE BOWL
2.  Whip on the highest setting for 15 minutes.
3.  This mixture will be many times the volumes of the original ingredients. You’ll be surprised.
4.  Fold whipped cream evenly into the strawberry mixture.
5.  Spread this mixture into the prepared pie shell of your choice. Freeze.

Serve with strawberry sauce and whipped cream if desired. Chocolate or hot fudge sauce is delicious, too, since this dessert has an "ice cream" quality to it.

This recipe should be prepared the night before of the morning of the day it will be served. It must be kept frozen. It should be eaten within a day or two. It will "shrink" like ice cream if frozen too long.

This is a wonderful recipe for spring and summer.

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